Enchanted Lagoon

This piece was done over the summer while my grandmother, a multi-media artist, was visiting. We set up our art station in our three-season room with all of the art materials we could find, including some fun fabric pieces that my grandmother had brought. My piece developed as it went along, and I went in without a plan. The background is done with acrylic paint, … Continue reading Enchanted Lagoon

Superbly Sparkly Succulents

This was the product of a three-day southwestern themed paint “class” (in which we were given various mediums and essentially told to create something, a very fun and liberating experience). Although I easily could have left it as just acrylic, my uncontainable inner sparkle came through and I decided to glue on various glittery odds and ends. This was my first time in several years … Continue reading Superbly Sparkly Succulents